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Welcome to Kees Hoogakker's website
Kees, Margreet, Marlien & Janne
photo by Ron Kieft, Arnhem
See also Marlien's own website at: Website Marlien Hoogakker
See also Janne's's own website at: Website Janne Hoogakker

On this website you primarily find genealogy information about the families of my four grandparents.
Anno Hoogakker (1901-1969)
Jantje Bierling (1903-1993)
Evert Bakker (1899-1974)
Wesselina Jonk (1897-1978)

There is also information about other Hoogakker families in the Netherlands. There are also a few genealogies of related families on this site.

In total there is information about some 29000 people in the three databases of which most is stored in the 'Groningen' database.

Furthermore you can find some personal background information and some useful links.

Use the menu at the top of the page to navigate through the different pages on my site.

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Who am I?
Origin of the Hoogakker Families
Distribution Hoogakker Netherlands
Distribution Hoogakker USA

Pedigree Kornelis Hoogakker *1961
Pedigree Margreet Geertruida van der Kleij *1968

Genealogy Hoogakker (Groningen)
Genealogy Hoogakker I (Friesland)
Genealogy Hoogakker II (Friesland)
Genealogy Hoogakker (Gelderland)

Research Hoogakker Groningen
Photobook Hoogakker Groningen
Research Hoogakker (Friesland)
Research Hoogakker (Gelderland)

Genealogy Dokter/Bakker
Genealogy Bierling
Genealogy Jonk

Genealogy Wallinga
Genealogy Schurer
Genealogy van der Kleij

Interesting relatives
Genealogy Links