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Who am I?

Name: Kornelis Hoogakker (Kees)
Born: 20 juni 1961, Ede (Gld), Netherlands

My parents lived in the same house as my mother's parents at the time of my birth (Sumatralaan 6). There I have lived the first two years of my life.
My father got a job in Arnhem, so in November 1963 we moved to Arnhem (Klarendalseweg 201). I went to the 'Prinses Marijke' primary school in 1967. It was opposite the soccer stadium 'Nieuw Monnikenhuize' where Vitesse played their games.
In 1973 I went to secondary school 'Lorentz Scholengemeenschap' or short LSG in Arnhem, where I passed my exams in 1980.
The last 3 years on this school I had most of my classes in the 'Villa Sonsbeek' in the park Sonsbeek. Nowadays the Villahosts a party center and a restaurant.
LSG is now located at a different location in Arnhem and is now called Lorentz Lyceum and also hosts the Arnhem International School (AIS).

Villa Sonsbeek

In September 1980 I went to Utrecht University where I studied 'Physics and Astronomy' for 3 years. By that time I got hooked on computers and decided I wanted to continue with 'Computer Science'. However I could not make this switch directly and had to serve in the Dutch Army for just over one year. In september 1984 I could finally start.
During my study I had several jobs at the Youth Hostel Arnhem and the The Arnhem Institute for the Arts.
These jobs were slowing down my progress at university, but in the summer of 1992 I finally got my degree.

Early 1993 I got my first 'real' job at Delft Technical University at the department Mathematics & Computer Science. I moved to Delft (Arthur van Schendelplein 53) where I lived with my girlfriend Arnica for almost 2 years.
In autumn 1994 I switched jobs to become a trainee at Siemens-Nixdorf in Vianen (ZH) about 12km south of Utrecht. So it was a logical step to move to Utrecht, where Arnica was studying Veterinary Science since September 1993.
It did not take us long to find a new house so early 1995 we moved to Utrecht (Loderlaan 53). In 1997 it was decided that the Vianen office would be closed, so I had the choice to move to Zoetermeer (near The Hague) or to find another job. Together with some collegues then switched to my current employer 'van Dorth Consultancy'.
There I work as an IT Specialist and have been working on several international projects.
In 2000 Arnica and I decided to go our seperate ways, so I decided to move back to Arnhem where most of my friends were living. I found a new house and in April 2001 I moved back to Arnhem.

In that same period my father was diagnosed with cancer. He had a succesful operation, but early January 2002 another tumor was found which turned out to be incurable. Almost exactly one month later, he passed away. My mother already lived in a nursing home and was doing reasonably OK. At the end of January 2003, she suddenly died as a result of heart failure after she caught a severe cold.

In November of that same year I took a 2 months leave from work and went on a trip to Australia and New Zealand, visiting old friends and touring the country. I really needed that break to recover from the turbulent years before.

In February 2005 Margreet an I started our relationship, and we have been living together since October 15. 2005.
November 1. 2007 I started working for Atos in Arnhem (then still called Atos Origin).
On February 22, 2008 Margreet and I got married in my former school in the Villa Sonsbeek in Arnhem. On Sunday May 18. 2008, our daughter Marlien was born. Saturday October 31. 2009, our second daughter Janne was born. Margreet's pedigree can also be found following the link on the starting page of this website.