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Origin of the name Hoogakker
The name Hoogakker probably has a geographical background. Meaning a piece of farmland located on higher ground.

There are 2 major clusters in the Netherlands that have no proven connection.

  • A northern cluster (3 families) whose members all come from the provinces of Friesland and Groningen.

    My family was long thought to come from the province of Groningen, but it turned out that the oldest member Klaas Jans Hoogakker (married to Geeske Geerts Mars) was born in the town of Dokkum in the province of 'Friesland' as was stated in his death certificate (b.±1766 Dokkum (Fr) d.1832 Hellum (Gr)).
    As parents of Klaas Jans, Jan Jakobs and Sjoukje Geerts are mentioned both said to have died in Dokkum. However I have not found this couple in Dokkum yet. This is strange as everybody had to pay taxes and were listed in the so called 'cohieren'.
    I have found a burial of a Sjoukje Geerts though on 15-6-1801 on the westside of the church. But whether she was related to Klaas Jan is unknown at this point. I doubt that the names Jan Jakobs and Sjoukje are correct, Klaas Jans death was reported by neighbours and NOT relatives. They might have given the wrong names.
    On this website the name 'Groningen' is used when referring to my Hoogakker family.

    In the town of Dokkum there was indeed a Hoogakker (Hoogacker) family at that time and it is very likely that my family is connected to this family. In this family Wouter Jans (born ±1650 in Wommels) used the name Hoogacker. Wouter Jans probably was the son of Jan Wouters and Janck Jelckes who married in 1643 in Opsterland. Wouter Jans Hoogacker was mayor of Dokkum in the period 1690-1696 as can be found on baptism records of some of his children.
    One of his greatgrandsons Jan Clases Hoogacker (born 1740 Holwerd) is mentioned in 1766 as he took on the position of 'roggemeter' (measurer of rye) in Dokkum. That same year 11-5-1766 he married Antje Hindriks in Dokkum.

    I strongly believe this couple to be the parents of Klaas Jans.

    On this website this family is referred to as 'Friesland I'

    Here is some data which have lead to my suspicion: Klaas & Geeske had several children with the following names:

  • Martjen (born out of wedlock) named after Geeskes mother Martjen (Marchijn) Jakobs
  • Jan probably named after the father of Klaas
  • Antje probably named after the mother of Klaas
  • Jacobje probably named after Geeskes grandfather Jakob Sjammes (Geeske's biological father is unknown)
  • Sjoukje Here is a link with a Sjoukje
  • Jantje
  • Klaas
  • Trijntje
  • Jakob

    My focus of research is to prove this connection. An explanation could be that Jan Clases re-married Sjoukje Geerts after Antje died.

    I also have data on another Hoogakker familiy ('Friesland II') that seems to have no connection between with 'Friesland I'. The oldest known members of this family were born in Paesens and Nes, two small villages ± 8 miles NE of Dokkum.
    Descendants of this family which still bear the name Hoogakker can be found in the USA. They descend from Hessel Heerkes Hoogakker (b.1866 Nes - d. 1955 Chicago)

  • Another cluster originates and still exists in the province of Gelderland. The oldest member of this family Gerrit Jansen Hoochacker b.±1660 got married in Dodewaard. All 'Gelderland Hoogakkers' can be traced back to this person. I have discontinued my research in this branch.