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The data on this site is partly delivered by fellow genealogy researchers and relatives. Without them I would not have discovered interesting links between different families.
Here are a list of people that contributed to my research. There are probably people I forgot to mention but my thanks goes to them as well!

  • Jo Hoogakker-Bakker (1930-2003)
    My mother who helped me in the last 2 months of her life supplying me with data and identifying pictures of the Bakker and Jonk families.

  • Janny de Goede-Hoogakker (1926-1998)
    My aunt who did some research in her lifetime and the data collected by her formed the starting point of my research.

  • Wanda Koehorst-de Goede, NL
    My cousin who shares my love for genealogy. She supplied me with additional data collected by her mother (see above) and photo material of the Bierling and Bezema family.

  • Rebecca (Beckie) Lowe Johnsson, MI, USA
    She initiated my research by sending me a mail in November 2002, wondering wether we might be related. Blame it on her!! :-)

  • David Hoogakker, USA
    Information about one of the Frisian Hoogakker family. Over last 2 years we have been extended eachothers information. However no link has been found yet.

  • Ginnie Tromp Pickering, BC, Cnd  Tromp Pickering Family Tree
    Information about my Hoogakker family.

  • Koert Beertema & Rita Dijkman, BC, Cnd
    Stories about the Bakker family and identifying dates and photos.

  • Janny Beertema & Wouter Jansen, NL
    Identifying dates, photos of the Bakker family.

  • Piet Beertema, NL  Homepage Piet  Genealogy Beertema
    Provided the link between the Schreuder and Beertema family.

  • Michel Troudes, NL  Homepage Michel  Provided information on the Dokter family.

  • Sjouwkje Nubé, NL  Homepage Sjouwke
    She seems to have information on all persons in Groningen ever lived ;-)

  • Henk Bierling, NL
    A cousin who provided me with loads of information about the Bierling family.
    Due to our almost daily contact the 240 year distance in our ancestry has been closed.

  • Kasper Schurer, NL  Schurer genealogy page
    Sharing a common ancestor and providing me with info on the Schurer family

  • Marten Perdok, NL
    A cousin who provided me with data on the links between the Perdok & Hoogakker family.

  • Arent Hoogakker (1911-2005) & Wübbina Büürma, NL
    Relatives who gave me a warm welcome as I visited them in Spijk (Gr), summer 2003. Providing me with information about their children, grandchildren, etc.

  • Wianda & Harriet Hoogakker, NL
    Two granddaughters of Arent & Wübbina.

  • Jacob Hoogakker & Christine Ras, NL
    Relatives who gave me a warm welcome as I visited them in Bellingwolde (Gr), summer 2003.
    Provided me with lots of information about their branch in my tree.

  • Janny van Hoof - Kruizenga, NL